Friday, November 13, 2009

There's a pit bull in my ... fridge?

OK, so the fridge may be the only place he hasn't gotten in to.

He took apples from the bushel bag shortly after they were picked. Plucked three right out of the bag and left a couple of bits of skin and three spots damp with apple juice and drool on the carpet as evidence. When I moved the bag, he pulled it off the counter, survived the cascade of fruit raining down upon his big head and ate three more apples. Moved them to the top of the fridge where they were safe.

He took Cheetos from Josh's lunch box. And of course there was the day he tried to make coffee; pulled the grounds from the trash and dumped water from his dish over them.

He's a very smart dog and I wake up each day with a list of ways to try to out-think him. Today, as the trail of empty candy wrappers is my witness, I did not succeed. We came home today to find an empty Trick-or-Treat bag. Can't blame Hathaway on that one. It's my fault and the boy's that it was overlooked and left out (they have heretofore been safely shut up in a closet which requires opposable thumbs to open). I have a feeling Hathaway's treats are going to be a gory trick several hours from now.

Some things Hathaway has eaten: Mushrooms, bananas, strawberries (and chewed up their Tupperware container for good measure), tomatoes, clementines -- peel and all, sunflower seeds, an entire loaf of Wonder Kids bread, popcorn, egg shells.

Some things Hathaway has not eaten: Lettuce.

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